ORLEN VC focuses on building long-term business relationships with startups from Europe and Israel tha have market-ready technology. 

Direct investments


Poland's most technologically advanced provider of cyber security solutions dedicated to industry applications, including critical infrastructure, competing mainly with entities from US and Israel.

Invert Robotics

An Irish company manufacturing robots based on patented vacuum suction cup technology for non-destructive inspction of industrial tanks in a wide range of industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical or aerospace. 


Austrian manufacturer of patented sytem for monitoring and improving the efficiency of wind turbines, working with manufacturers such as GE, Vestas, Enercon and Siemens Gamesa. 

Apeiron Synthesis

A Polish company developing technologies for olefin metathesis catalysts used in many industries, including chemicals, automotive, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Apeiron has dozens of patents to its credit is one of the two leading manufacturers of such catalysts in the world. 


European leader and third global player in the supply chain visibility market originating from France. The company works with some of the largest customers in the industries concerned, i.e. Coca-cola, Carrefour, Renault, Siemens, Schneider, INESOS, etc.

Indirect investments

Emerald Technology Ventures

Swiss fund managed by an experieced team aimed primarily at corporations. Over 30 entities have entrusted their funds to Emerald, a large part of which are global corporations from the chemical, petrochemical or machinery sectors (including Chevron, ABB, Michelin, SABIC, Suncor Energy). 

ETF Partners

A UK-based fund investing in startups, with a particular focus on the solutions needed to buid a sustainable industry through innovation. A fund with a rich and high-quality deaflow of companies offering innovative technologies in the fields of mobility, energy transformation, consumer responsibility, among others.